“I was intrigued by and interested in this work. But more than that, I was particularly struck by Judith Hendin's presence. It was such a joy, not only to observe the way she lovingly and wisely facilitated, but even more so to experience her vulnerability, her intuition, her gentleness, her guidance, and her ability to speak truth with love and laughter. She is a highly gifted being, and her blessing far exceeded all expectations.”

Jenna Peeler

“I invite you to experience the transformative power of the work of Judith Hendin. I have been working with this supremely gifted alternative therapist since the beginning of the year. I'm astounded and beyond grateful for the powerful tools she is giving me to clear my physical symptoms and the doubts and fears that underlie them. Thrilled at how much I still have to learn about myself, I feel stronger, more competent and confident than I have in a long time, maybe ever. I urge you to seriously consider spending time getting to know yourself as deeply as I, quite unexpectedly after 35 years of self-discovery, am now doing with her as my guide.

“A colleague asked me how Judith's work differs from other energy healing modalities we are both familiar with. I said I am learning for the first time to discern within me a variety of voices, and to get a feel for who they are-for all of who I AM-energetically. This enhanced psychophysical awareness gives me more clarity about where I am coming from in any given moment and where I want to go, now and in the big picture of my life. Increased clarity, of course, gives me more choice around how I think and act in all situations. Judith's artful amalgam of who she is and all she knows may be as sophisticated and precise a work as any I have experienced .”

Suzanne Grenager, Life Coach & Scribe

“If we are to go sailing on the great oceans of the world, it is good to take a compass. When sailing the seas of the inner world and the body, Judith Hendin’s work can be your compass. She is a solid and steady navigator in the great unknown.”

Kate Lampe, Psychotherapist

“Thank You Thank You Thank You for helping me let go of all the sadness and
fear stuck in my body. My pain is gone, melted in the trusting, accepting, competent
space you provide. This is TRULY amazing work. I wish I could tell the whole
world to go see you.”

Laura Scappaticci, Educator

“Judith Hendin has developed a profound and effective method for hearing the messages our bodies are trying to give us. She is a wonderful healer whose work I highly recommend.”

Shakti Gawain, author of
The Path of Transformation and Creative Visualization

“Judith Hendin’s unique and inspired work brings genuine physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.”

Marianne Styler, M.D.

“Judith Hendin is a senior facilitator who has worked with us for many years, both as staff and as a woman deeply committed to the process of self-discovery. Her teaching is excellent! We highly recommend her.”

Hal and Sidra Stone, PhD’s, authors of
Embracing Our Selves, Partnering, and Embracing Your Inner Critic

Feedback from Workshop Participants

I want to acknowledge Judith’s courage and commitment to starting a workshop on the beautifully synchronized creation of Conscious Body and the Self Behind the Symptom. It is a work of art to be shared with others, in her special blend of compassion, intellect, intuition and sharing her own experiences. ... Judith is an excellent speaker with a lot of compassion ... She goes right to the heart of things ... Intimate and safe ... Inspiring ... Uplifting ... Wonderful presenter ... Wish it could go on forever... Terrific ... I gained wonderful self-awareness ... Enjoyed it totally ... Thank you for another tool for recovery ... A day to remember! Fabulous work. Very enlightening. Judith radiates love. She makes us feel safe to express and reveal.

Dance Press

“Hendin was a dazzling presence throughout the program. She epitomized the company’s technical excellence.”

Toronto Star

“Judith Hendin should be singled out for exceeding the usual limits of dance – even within the freedoms of modern dance – and becoming the form and shape of a sensuality so devastating that it will linger forever.”

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“Miss Hendin is excellent.”

New York Post

“A wonderfully controlled and demanding duet.”

New York Times

“Judith Hendin is more than just an extraordinary dancer. She is very brainy, very loyal, and very good at getting things done.”

Dance Magazine