Voice Dialogue is a psychospiritual approach to consciousness and transformation that includes an in-depth study of the many selves or subpersonalities that make up the psyche. Voice Dialogue works with dreams, archetypal bonding patterns in relationship, and body energy fields. A Voice Dialogue session opens wide the doors to your inner world -- you always receive tremendous insights that you can apply immediately to your life.

Voice Dialogue is a simple yet powerful method of speaking with the diverse selves within us. These selves express as a continuous stream of energy moving through us, shaping our bodies and our experience at all times. The Voice Dialogue process is gentle, safe, grounded and fun, and it supports any form of inner work with a strong, reliable hand. It is an excellent tool for therapists to complement their work with clients, and it is profoundly useful as a tool for self exploration.

“Judith Hendin is a senior facilitator who has worked with us for many years, both as staff and as a woman deeply committed to the process of self-discovery. Her teaching is excellent! We highly recommend her.”

Hal and Sidra Stone, PhD’s, originators of Voice Dialogue and
authors of Embracing Our Selves, Partnering, and Embracing Your Inner Critic

“I consider the Voice Dialogue process to be one of the most powerful tools for personal growth I’ve ever discovered.”

Shakti Gawain, author of
Creative Visualization and The Path of Transformation

“Voice Dialogue is original and brilliant.”

John Bradshaw, author of
Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child

Frequently Asked Questions about Voice Dialogue

What is a Voice Dialogue session like?

In a Voice Dialogue session, you work directly with a facilitator as you explore areas of interest and find out what your different parts, or selves, have to say.

Who benefits?

Voice Dialogue can be used by individuals for their own personal growth and by professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, bodywork, and business and organizational consulting.

What is the Psychology of Selves?

The Psychology of Selves is the theoretical framework that explains the existence and workings of the selves. Voice Dialogue is the method for speaking with these selves.

What is the history of Voice Dialogue?

In the early 1970’s, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone began to develop Voice Dialogue as a method for working with subpersonalities. Through both their personal relationship and their professional collaboration, they have evolved this work into a theoretical system which they call the Psychology of Selves and the Psychology of the Aware Ego.

What is the Aware Ego?

The Aware Ego is the process of holding opposite energies within yourself, such as the part of you that wants to work hard and the part of you that wants to relax -- and many others.

Where can I learn more about Voice Dialogue?

Hal and Sidra have co-authored 7 books and developed over 30 teaching and training CDs. The Voice Dialogue web site is a great resource: www.delos-inc.com

For more information, see the articles by Hal and Sidra Stone in our Reading Room.