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Voice Dialogue is a simple yet powerful method of speaking with the diverse selves within us. These selves express as a continuous stream of energy moving through us, shaping our bodies and our experience at all times. The Voice Dialogue process is gentle, safe, grounded and fun, and it supports any form of inner work with a strong, reliable hand. It is an excellent tool for therapists to complement their work with clients, and it is profoundly useful as a tool for self exploration, improving relationships and healing the body.
NOTE: This course constitutes the equivalent of a Level One Voice Dialogue training.


This course presents an enlivening, dramatic process that unites the fascinating world of inner selves with the world of the body. With any physical or mental/emotional condition, a self within is fervently trying to express. Building on the skills developed in our earlier course, Conscious Body unravels messages that selves are sending through symptoms. You will learn to navigate within the unconscious to discover this “Self Behind the Symptom.” The process is a path of transformation and tremendous healing that integrates emotions, energetics, dialogue, movement, and the energy medicine of opposites.

Trainings include teaching, discussions, and much experiential time. All participants will receive individual sessions during the training.

Practicum in Conscious Body

If you desire to integrate Conscious Body in your professional work or your personal life, we highly recommend the Practicum. In this Practicum you will do sessions with fellow students under supervision. The mentoring process supports the integration of principles and techniques while it gives you the opportunity to discover you own gifts and contributions to this work.

Ongoing Personal Process

During your training it is essential that you continue your own process relevant to your own life. You can only facilitate in others what has been facilitated in you, so your individual sessions will greatly enhance your facilitation skills.

Here are some highlights of the Conscious Body Training:

Gatekeepers of the Bodymind

We will develop a true appreciation of the cultural and personal functions of selves that we call Gatekeepers. These strong, protective forces stand guard at the entrance to the bodymind. They must be recognized and consulted or they will resist doing inner work and try to box the cornucopia of the body-psyche into rational concepts. Knowing and accepting Gatekeepers allows us to fully explore the selves expressing through the body. Then we can dive in and swim in the healing waters of the unconscious.

The Inner Child

The Child is the portal to the heart and he/she is the vibration that leads us to the recognition of home and intimacy. The Inner Child lies beneath many physical problems just waiting to be discovered and loved. When we find the Child, body energies shift dramatically and ailments often heal. You will learn techniques for meeting the Child in its many forms and will explore how vulnerability affects all relationships, including the client-practitioner bond. You will also learn a unique way to soothe and heal the wounds of the Inner Child with touch.


Beneath many body problems are unexpressed emotional energies. We will open ourselves to the contraction and expansion of emotions, the selves that hold back and the selves that let go. Our goal is to become comfortable with emotional states and the different pathways to express them so that we may facilitate energetic release. Using touch, movement, drawing and sound, we will learn to direct these energies through an ailing body part to help the body heal.

Following the Body in Recovery from Abuse & Trauma

This material teaches powerful, focused facilitation skills for working with the bodies of survivors of abuse and trauma. The course will alert the practitioner to what may arise and how to support the client with sensitivity.


Individualized training is tailored to your particular needs It provides an unsurpassed arena for feedback that can raise your facilitation skills to a high level in a relatively brief period of time. Individual training allows you to fit sessions into your regular schedule and permits the option of phone sessions.

The question arises of the benefits of individual versus group training. There are advantages to both and Judith Hendin has taught both for many years. Groups allow you to watch the process of others and to participate in class interactions that foment consciousness. Individual training gives the freedom to create your own schedule and to create a curriculum that targets your particular professional and personal aims.


Mental health professionals — The Conscious Body process uses the body as a guide to uncover crucial inner issues that are emerging for clients. In addition,Voice Dialogue brings clarity and insight in many areas of clinical work, including family of origin issues, addictions, recovery from trauma, and psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Somatic therapists, health care practitioners, bodyworkers, and energy healers — Conscious Body and Voice Dialogue offer specific new skills for working with clients' body symptoms at the energetic and psychodynamic levels. These skills can be integrated with any approach a practitioner is already using.

Coaches — Voice Dialogue is a powerful tool to help clients achieve professional goals, re-orient personal direction, and improve relationships. Speaking with the inner selves that relate to any issue brings insight and rapid progress.

Individuals pursuing personal growth — Voice Dialogue and Conscious Body offer invaluable process tools that can enliven life, relationships, health and happiness.

As a participant in this program, you will gain:

    • Profound communication abilities
    • Mastery in resolving physical problems
    • Skill in using the Voice Dialogue process
    • In-depth understanding of your own inner world
    • Tools for resolving personal history issues
    • Transformation and freedom through movement
    • Touch skills for working with inner selves
    • Expertise in engaging powerful healing energy
    • A map for discovering archetypal patterns held in the body

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