The Self Behind the Symptom: How Shadow Voices Heal Us
  by Judith Hendin

Underneath many physical symptoms, a part of us is fervently trying to make its voice heard. Expert somatic therapist Judith Hendin teaches a creative map for unraveling the gifts of body symptoms. A powerful adjunct to medical treatment, revealing the self behind the symptom may enhance recovery from many conditions.

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Praise for the book . . .
“We wholeheartedly recommend Judith Hendin's work. Her rich background has enabled her to give to us a fascinating, creative, and transformative new way to think about our physical challenges - or symptoms. The Self behind the Symptom is clear and easy to understand. Reading it will help you decipher - and respond to - the unique message that the self behind your symptom is trying to send you.”
- Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, originators of Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves, and authors of Embracing Our Selves and Embracing Your Inner Critic

“This book is fantastic. It is quite clear for the layperson and fascinating reading for the therapist. After working with this process, my back is feeling tremendous, the best I ever recall. When I feel some twinges, it is a reminder for me to check in with my ‘little one.’ This process creates a wonderful atmosphere of healing presence. It is powerful work.”
- Kathy J. Keers, C.M.T., Media, Pennsylvania

“I really enjoyed The Self Behind the Symptom. It is beautifully written with an exceptional flare for language and prose. The title is particularly apt, conveying the essential connection between the inner family of selves and their bodily expression through illness. Even within the context of this work, Judith Hendin breaks considerable new ground. This is a book that should be read by all health professionals as well as those seeking insight and resolution of their own particular symptoms, whether physical or psychological.”
- Robin Gale-Baker, Somatic Psychotherapist, Melbourne, Australia

“I enjoyed this book, and it makes so much sense to me. Judith Hendin enters the inner world of the mind-body connection in a way I had never thought about before—the voice behind the symptom. Her book describes an intriguing concept that is followed by a clearly written ‘how to’ for accessing personal growth and healing.”
- Linda K. Seeman, Ph.D., Richmond, Virginia

“Le livre de Judith Hendin est un vrai plaisir de lecture. Il permet de comprendre en profondeur la démarche du Dialogue Intérieur en l'appliquant à la relation fondamentale corps-esprit. À travers l'ouvrage transparaissent constamment les qualités de Judith: une pensée claire, une vaste expérience de la relation thérapeutique et un grand amour de celles et ceux avec qui elle travaille.”

“Judith Hendin's book is a pleasure to read. It allows us to understand the Voice Dialogue approach in depth by applying it to the fundamental relationship between body and psyche. Judith's qualities show up through her work: clarity of thought, profound experience of the therapeutic relationship, and an amazing love for the people she works with.”
 - Geneviève Cailloux et Pierre Cauvin, consultants and authors of several works on Personality Types and the Interior Dialogue, Vernou-La Celle, France

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