Dear Friend,

We have entered a time of unprecedented need for peace. While there are many roads to peace, we offer an unusual event called ShadowDance.


Our shadow is the side of us we disown, the side of us that we think we should never be. Whatever we disown in ourselves must play out in the world around us. If we are too nice, someone in the world must be nasty. If we are too loving, someone in the world must hate.


The whole world of energies lives inside us, and we can claim it, we can dance it! As we claim our shadow side, we actually bring balance to the world. We have seen this work.

For millennia shamans and mystics have moved energy through dance ceremony.


ShadowDance is open to everyone who wishes to step past the usual concepts of achieving peace into the larger vision of embracing both sides of the conflict.

Absolutely no dance experience is required. As an African saying goes,
"If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing!"


ShadowDance can be structured as a full day or an evening event.


  • Gain broad understanding of the shadow and world peace
  • Enjoy unhampered freedom to express yourself fully
  • Explore psychological balance within yourself
  • Connect with a range of worldly and spiritual energies.

Contact us to schedule ShadowDance,
or call us to find out more . . .
610. 330. 9778