Private Sessions

Working directly with Judith Hendin will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, change habitual patterns and bring forth valuable qualities that have long remained buried. Through her blend of holistic therapies, you will:

  • live more intentionally
  • improve your health
  • enhance your relationships
  • develop professionally.

Worldwide Telephone Consulting

If telephone sessions are more convenient for you, Judith can work sensitively with you on the phone. People from around the country and abroad have found deep healing and personal transformation through phone sessions. (Phone charges are minimal.)

Personal Intensives

A personal intensive is an enriching opportunity to devote several days to your own development. Every personal intensive is designed specifically to meet your needs and goals, and may range from two days to two weeks.

Locations: Most in-person sessions are held in New York City or Easton, Pennsylvania. Judith also travels worldwide. Click here for travel logistics.

International Phone Sessions: If you live outside the U.S. and wish to pay for your telephone session online, click below.

To schedule a session, call 610.330.9778
or e-mail:


Judith Hendin combines decades of professional experience with profound, holistic approaches that empower you to live your potential. Workshops and private sessions may include the following types of complementary therapies:

  • Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves - Discover the inner voices that mold who you are and who you can become. The Voice Dialogue process is a psychospiritual approach that works with life questions, relationship patterns, dreams and body energy fields to help you make more conscious choices in every aspect of your life.
  • Conscious Body - Learn to communicate with your body and discover the life-changing lessons contained in any pain or illness. Developed by Judith Hendin, this method is a powerful adjunct to medical treatment and may speed your healing process.
  • Creative Essences - Dive into your unconscious through drawing, movement, journaling or Jungian-oriented dream analysis.
  • Professional Development - Chart your professional path with career counseling that will unlock new possibilities.
  • Restorative Bodywork - Receive deep tissue bodywork to align your body, movement education to create new patterns, and gentle touch to soothe and heal.