Increasing numbers of physicians and therapists recognize the contribution inner work offers to the healing path.

For physicians who would like to know more about Conscious Body, we are prepared to share case histories of symptoms we have treated. For example, to an ear, nose and throat specialist, we sent summaries of six histories and the changes in the body that occurred subsequent to Conscious Body sessions.

The body-psyche operates in universal patterns, so Conscious Body protocol is the same regardless of symptom.

“Judith Hendin’s unique and inspired work brings genuine physical healing as well as tremendous personal growth.”

Marianne Styler, M.D.

For mental health professionals, a body symptom may be a golden map that lays out highly relevant inner work. We are happy to work with you for a brief period to help uncover the inner issue that is embedded in the body, and then you can take that back to your counselor for ongoing therapy. With your permission, we would be glad to work collaboratively with your therapist.

If you are a physician or therapist and you have questions, please contact our office and we will be happy to speak with you