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Conscious Body Trauma Training:
How Inner Selves and the Bodypsyche Illuminate Trauma Work

One thing is for certain: trauma, be it recent or past, personal or political, conscious or unconscious, is an experience held by inner selves.

Conscious Body Trauma Work gives new perspectives on the complex subject of trauma. In this introductory training, you will access rich material offered by the body, dreams, symbols, emotions, and memories. You will learn how to energetically follow inner selves, particularly the Hurt Child within. And you will meet buried selves that hold unresolved feelings that could never before be expressed.

Conscious Body Trauma Work provides a profound model that can be incorporated in the therapeutic work of psychotherapists and other healing professionals.

In this introductory training, you will learn why it is vital to:

  • Establish a safe foundation and self-care for both the client and facilitator
  • Work with the traumatized self as a particular self within the personality
  • Recognize and honor gatekeeping selves that can pace and guide the work
  • Follow the guidance of dreams
  • Encourage the expression of diverse emotions and energies related to the trauma
  • Harness the power of instinctual energies
  • Work with the self that can gather memories
  • Acknowledge and care for the body’s reactions to trauma
  • Rediscover vibrant, powerful selves that were lost during the trauma and that are waiting to be reclaimed

Note: Individuals who want to learn about Conscious Body Trauma Work in order to further their own personal development and healing are also welcome to attend the training.

Conscious Body Trauma Work allows clients to finally resolve life-long challenges as well as heal many body symptoms.

Introduction to Voice Dialogue

Have you, or your clients, ever asked any of these questions?

  • I have so many voices in my head – what are they?
  • Why do I act and feel the way I do?
  • Why do I sometimes love my partner and sometimes hate him (or her)?
  • Why can’t I speak up for myself?
  • How can I be powerful and still stay connected to people?
  • How I can bring to life some of my greatest dreams and aspirations?

Voice Dialogue is a simple, yet powerful, method of speaking with the diverse selves, or sub-personalities, within us.

Hal and Sidra Stone, PhD's, originators of Voice Dialogue, say that we are profoundly affected by an array of inner voices that shape our attitudes about who we are and who we should be. These selves call out to us constantly – in our daily activities, our moods, our dreams, our relationships, and our bodies.

Voice Dialogue is used internationally by therapists, psychologists, executive coaches, business / team managers, health care professionals, spiritual counselors and clergy, and anyone on a self-awareness path. This program is an opportunity to deepen your personal journey and provides the experiential, foundational training for professionals looking to enrich their therapeutic, coaching or mentoring work.

This training intensive is designed for both personal and professional growth. It includes teaching sessions, discussion groups, demonstrations, exercises, movement, and individual experience of the work.

Whether you're a therapist, doctor, mother, friend, or spouse, knowing your "selves" will enrich your life and help you process whatever life brings your way.

This training will include the following themes:

Meeting Your Selves
How Voice Dialogue was born – the lineage of C.G. Jung
Who Am I? – You are not one, but many.
Find the selves that are familiar to you (called "primary selves")
Uncover the hidden opposites of these selves (called "disowned selves")
Recognize your own selves in real life situations

Basics of Voice Dialogue Facilitation
How to do Voice Dialogue with another person (client or friend)
How to recognize a self
Questions to ask a self
The Awareness level
The Aware Ego process that honors and accepts all the selves, and has choice
Learning to sense and work with energy

Selves You May Meet in the Training, and Their Opposites

  Pusher ~ Relaxed
  Pleaser ~ Straight Talker
  Cares for Others ~ Cares for Self
  Power ~ Vulnerability
  Free Spirit ~ Follows the Rules
  Artist ~ Business Person
  Rational Mind ~ Sensuality
  Personal ~ Impersonal
  Inner Critic ~ Inner Ally
  Inner Child (no opposite)  

The Psychology of Selves
Cultural selves
The consciousness model
The energetics of selves
Dream work








  • Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts – The Self Behind the Symptom and Know Thy Selves: What Do We Do with All These Voices in Our Heads?
  • Institute Heskaiher, Italy – Conscious Body-Levels II and III
  • Voice-Dialogue-Berlin, Berlin, Germany – Conscious Body-Levels II and III
  • Sachs International, Estonia – Conscious Body-Level III
  • Voice Dialogue Centre, Finland – Conscious Body-Level III


  • Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts – The Self Behind the Symptom and Accessing All That We Are: Introduction to Voice Dialogue
  • Rolfing & Voice Dialogue, Berlin, Germany – Conscious Body-Level I (twice)
  • Voice Dialogue Centre, Finland – Conscious Body-Level II and Supervision Day
  • American Dance Therapy Association, New York City – Presentation: The Self behind the Symptom: How Hidden Inner Personalities Heal Our Bodies
  • Voice Dialogue Convergence, London, England – Presentation: Conscious Body & the Energy Medicine of Selves
  • Institute Heskaiher, Italty – Conscious Body-Level I
  • European Association for Body Psychotherapy Congress, Vienna, Austria – Presentation: The Self behind the Symptom: How hidden inner personalities can heal both body and soul


  • Reflection & Action, The Netherlands – Conscious Body-Level II, and Introduction to Voice Dialogue
  • Voice Dialogue Instituut, Belgium – Individual Sessions
  • Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, Massachusetts – The Self Behind the Symptom
  • Sachs International, Estonia - Conscious Body-Level I, and Introduction to Voice Dialogue
  • Voice Dialogue Centre, Finland - Conscious Body-Level I